Kwaguqa Arts Initiative

The Kwaguqa Arts Initiative (084-841) PBO: 930042636 was created in 2009, and registered as a non-profit organisation in 2010, and later became a public benefit organisation (Pbo) On 04th June 2013, in the Mpumalanga Province in the small mining town of Witbank-Emalahleni. It was originated by friends of the creative industries and performing Artists themselves, including admires of such repertoire.

The intent was to pay homage to Mpumalanga as the place and home of the arts, just as coal is to the Highveld region of Mpumalanga Province. Knowing the vision of most artists to balance the arts with creativity, and preservation of the industry they cherished, it was decided that this balance vision would become the cornerstone of programmes, ran by the Kwaguqa Arts Initiative. Ever since, the organisation has strived to carry on the concept of balance, through Mentorships, consultancy, children's theatre, festivals, events and other educational programmes such as schools programme and exhibitions.

The organisations seek to support present and future generations of artists in working towards such a balance, that we may "discern and create everlasting memories for both young and old, and balance power over life's creativity with reverence for life.